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Fandom Meme - Day 18 and...

18 – Where do you get the most inspiration for your fics (aka "bunnies") from?

Anywhere and Everywhere... photographs, snippets of conversation, history channel, anything

19 – When you have bunnies, do you sit down and start writing right away, or do you write down the idea for further use?

I have to at least jot down the idea or I'll forget it, but I don't always have the time to actually write it down right then and there...

20 – Do you ever get bunnied from other people's stories or art in the same fandom?

not really... I don't read a lot of stories because I'm putting the site together... and i only have time to beta for a few people... so I read relatively few stories...

21 – Sequels – Have you ever written a sequel to a fic you wrote, and if so, why, and if not, how do you feel about sequels?

Sequels can be great.. but there has to be a huge reason for it... the story has to breathe on its own. I've written a few series of small stories that lead into each other..

22 – Have you ever participated in a fest or a Big Bang? If so, write about your favorite experience in relation to one. If not, are there any you've thought about doing? And if not, why not?

Both... I've been in fests before... that was fun (Firefly and West Wing) they were both very different experiences!!
And I'm currently in a small fandom big-bang... so let's see how that goes...

23 – When you post, where do you post to? Just your journal? Just an archive? Your own personal site?

Journal... but not recently... mostly on the Writer's Ranch... my website for The Young Riders fanfiction... but I've also posted on fanfiction.net and a few other places...

24 – Betaing – How many betas do you like to use to make sure there aren't any major flaws in your fic? Do you have a Beta horror story or dream story?

I'd love to have two for everything... just because you get that separate view point and it makes for a much better story...

As for beta horror story.. i've never had a bad beta.. some are less picky than others... but i've always had a ton of wonderful help with my stories.... as a beta reader for others... yes... have stories.. share them? nope

25 – Music – Do you listen to music while you write? Do you make playlists to get into a certain "mood" to write your fic? Do you need Anoise in general? Or do you need it completely quiet?

Yes.. music, tv, movies... lyrics fine... words fine... just can't be NEW words...

I have to have 'something' going... silence is deadly for me... deadly