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Fandom Meme - Days 15 - 17

15 – Warnings – What do you feel it most important to warn for, and what's the strangest thing you've warned for in a fic?

16 – Summaries – Do you like them or hate them? How do you come up with them, if you use them?

17 – Titles – Are they the bane of your existence, or the easiest part of the fic? Also, if you do chaptered fic, do you give each chapter a title, or not?

15 - i don't know if i want to give warnings.. i know some fandoms require you to let readers know if it's a death-fic.. but really what's the point...

if you know someone is going to die... then you're reading the whole thing thinking... is it him? is it her? not fun.. i think you miss the story...

i like to think that the story unfolds and you're either with it.. or not...

16 - summaries... hard to formulate.. short to the point.. it's like writing a logline... and i think by now i know how to do it... i just don't enjoy it.. :D

17 - title.. i actually like titles... sometimes they can be a trial.. but for the most part.. i think it's nice to put a 'cap' on something.. my only fear is that i'll use the same title more than once...

or i'll unknowingly copy someone else's title that i've seen over the years.. that is NOT my goal or aim



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Aug. 20th, 2011 10:16 pm (UTC)
I'm not very PC when it comes to my opinions about warnings. And unless the type of stories in TYR fandom has changed a lot, there's probably still not a lot of warnings necessary anyway.

Titles, ugh. Hate 'em. LOL
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